The Future of Marketing: How Lead Generation Software will Change the World


Posted by on 22nd June 2016

On average you are bombarded with approximately 3,000 random ads per day. How many can you recall right now?

This is one of the essential problems with modern day marketing, it’s all a numbers game. While the vast majority of us are trying to actively tune messages out, marketers across the world are trying to get even more messages in front of us.

To take it a step further, this approach is expensive and inefficient, which means that businesses incur higher marketing costs that they in turn pass down to us. In other words, not only do we have to endure all of these countless ads, we also have to pay the price!

Pushing Ads vs Lead Generation Software

As we have become ever so connected, marketing has begun going through a seismic shift. This transformation is all about creating a dialogue, developing connections and managing relationships. According to Gartner, Lead Generation Software which leverages the power of the social cloud and allows businesses and consumers to connect is on its way.

Lead Generation Software Mobile Apps

Gartner predicted that we will see mobile apps that process each step of the sales process from customer acquisition, to sales, to relationship management. In other words, lead generation software, that finds the customers for you, sells your goods and services through the application and keeps the customer loyal and in touch is going to be the new standard in marketing. These lead generations software apps will also help increase sales and loyalty.

Last but not Least

There are few companies, such as Yelp, Thumbtack, and BizzBook, (that’s us) that offer lead generation software apps. It’s been a huge boom of lead generation website, aka “affiliate”. We’ve seen it in high competitive niches, like casino-site. A lot of casinos use affiliated websites to get their traffic and provides casino bonuses. This is one example of websites that offer casino deals, in this case: casino bonuses. Some of these apps provide leads for free while other have a bidding system or take a percentage of sales.

In a world not so far away, getting customers will be the easy part but keeping them will be more difficult! The world is beginning to value quality over quantity and lead generation software apps will quickly help this marketing revolution take place.

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