How ‘Get Customer Apps’ will Change the World


bizzbook-on-demand-concierge-1-1-s-307x512Getting customers can be difficult, time consuming and expensive however that is about to change. As the world is getting ever so connected, the future for small businesses will be all about providing great value and quality at a reasonable price. In other words, the old mantra of Location, Location, Location will be replaced by a new mantra, Quality, Quality, Quality.

The Amazon Model

Once upon a time, buying and selling items was ambiguous and then Amazon changed all of that. Now you can see the rating, price, reviews or a product and its seller and make an informed decision. The best combination of price, quality, and seller appear at the top of the list and buying and selling is simple. Imagine if getting local services was this straight forward and simple! This is the promise of on demand local service that will help improve the market and streamline it, and will also be giving customers to local businesses for a small fee from each sale. In other words, the get customer apps will flip the current model on its head and instead make fees after money has been earned by the business ala Amazon.

Best ‘Get Customer Apps’

These on demand ‘get customer apps’ are on their way and coming to a phone near your. Currently there are a few companies that are close enough and can help you get more businesses via their app. The two most popular get customer apps are Foursquare and Yelp and should be taking advantage of their free profiles. There are also a few more, such as BizzBook (thats us) Thumbtack (ios app only), and Redbeacon (for trades). It is advisable to claim a free profile with each of these ‘get customer apps’ and take advantage of what a free profile gives you.

Next Big Opportunity is ‘Get Customer Apps’

Often early adopters of technology end up getting the best returns. Imagine being one of the first to sell on Amazon, or one of the first companies to be on the first page of Google (ps: that’s how I got my start) or Yelp. These ‘ get customer apps ‘ offer a similar opportunity and are a must have and a must download for every small business owner especially while they are still in their infancy.