In essence, a local services app that was available anytime, anyplace, and for just about any service. The good news, this industry is on its way and time will tell which local services apps erupt.

The Many: The Uber Model

Currently there is an “Uberization” of local services apps. Most apps are using the tried and true method of picking a vertical market and going to task. As a result there has been a gamut of Uber like apps for everything from Hair and Nails to Massages to Cleaning and Towing. On demand local services apps are on their way and currently the many approach requires multiple downloads.

As mentioned in a post before this method is huge among websites but not as huge when it comes to apps. We have seen a lot of sites offerting casino bonuses and free spins (ie The lead generation marketing is here to stay, it’s already such a huge part of marketing that it can’t be ignored.

The One: Best Local Services App

Instead of multiple options, in other words, having to download a separate app for every little service from taxi to dry-cleaning wouldn’t it be better to just download one app that does it all? This is precisely the approach BizzBook is taking. We believe it is more practical to download one app that does it all, instead of 25 different apps, hence we are in a unique position in the market of local services apps.

In the end, as usual, the user wins! Competition among developers will bring out the best to market and if history is any indication, a single local services app that delivers everything users need should win out.